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Grattoir Junior - cat scratcher 000d weiß mit grauem Rand
£22.37 *
Robert Smith cat scratcher Le Ver  
Who would expect a scratch post for cats to host artwork of talented artists? Well, cat-on cat scratchers go pop art. Beside the great functionality for cats, the beautifully designed cat tree Le Ver is a must have for any The Cure or...
£45.33 *
cat scratcher Le Panier  
The cat scratch post Le Panier is ideal as an affordable entry-level or supplement model, perfectly fitting in the entrance of your apartment or house, for example. By the book and ideal for both vigorous scratching and serious...
£57.46 *
Le Tonneau cat scratch post 000 weiß
The scratch wave Le Tonneau is very different from the standard cat scratching waves. Made out of premium raw materials, the scratcher is odorless, clean and highly resistant to cat claws. Cats love to play, scratch and sleep on all levels.
£82.81 *
Singha L  
A classic design... modern, fluid lines… this type of cat furniture is a piece of art, a masterpiece. Cats just love the purity of its shape. Its' ergonomy is purrfectly adapted to the cats needs and desires. Who would immediately bring...
£88.66 *
Le Maitre wall-kit cat shelve  
Lassen Sie Ihre Katze klettern, auf der Höhe liegen und elegant über Ihren Frauchen & Herrchen thronen! Entdecken Sie das Kratzmöbel Le Maitre mit verdeckter Wandhalterung. Die Montage des Wandkratzbaums ist kinderleicht. Die im...
£136.42 *
Boisé cat scratcher in cherry tree wood  
Das Kratzbrett Boisé in elegantem Kirschholz ist eine sehr gelungene Mischung aus massiver Kirsche und einem beidseitig verwendbaren Kratzbrett aus cat-on in hochwertiger Güte. Neben den bereits bekannten, umweltfreundlichen...
£165.67 *