cat-on® is setting a new trend for cats and lovers of stylish accessories for cats. So far, people with taste had to compromise their tastes if they wanted to offer their cat a good scratch post. Now there is the cat-on that combines beautiful design with the functionality of a piece of scratch furniture. The shapely scratch furniture is available in a variety of colors and patterns and can thus be easily adapted to existing facilities.

cat-on® is made with loving care and uses the most advanced technologies from environmentally friendly cardboard and is unexpectedly roust and stylish. It is compact, odorless and fits harmoniously into any household.

cat-on® so to speak, is the revolution in tasteful scratching post. The idea behind the cat-scratch on furniture is so simple and ingenious. Cats love to scratch on cardboard and corrugated board for hours and enjoy the material as soon as they are offered the opportunity to do so. cat-on® finished corrugated furniture offers cats an ideal scratch resistant piece of furniture and supports cats’ natural urge to sharpen their claws. Because our furniture naturally draws your cats to it, your own furniture and wallpaper remains undamaged. One piece on cat scratch furniture is an ideal supplement or even replacement for a traditional cat tree. The different shapes and openings support your cat’s natural instincts. Cats take to the cat-on® immediately as part of their daily life and rituals.

Have you had the experience of opening a package and your cat quickly sits inside the box? Or when you come home with a paper bag from your shopping, your beast sits in the bag as soon as the possibility opens up?

We have analyzed this behavior and designed a matching toy for your pet. The surface structure of the corrugated board exploits the fact that cats can sharpen their claws into the wave of cardboard. This is wonderful. If the play object experiences excessive wear, you can simply to recycle it as waste paper. This is also why we have joined the Green Dot initiative.

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