Unique items made in Germany

We manufacture our products exclusively in Germany. All products from our range of products are assembled from individual components by hand. All toys are made of corrugated cardboard with a high recycled content. Because our products are made from natural resources there might occasionally be some slight color variation. You can safely let your cat play with any of our furniture without worrying about damage .We ensure that our products are harmless to your cat, even if particles are ingested through direct contact with your cat’s saliva. Our carefully produced products offer you a unique item that is also environmentally friendly.

We are looking for direct interaction with our customers. We are very thankful for your feedback and suggestions. We also welcome criticism that helps to improve our quality. This will benefit all our customers and help us to improve our design. We also respond to unusual requests.

Love of animals

We are cat fools ourselves. In our desperate search for an alternative to the traditional, often unattractive scratching post we came up with the idea of meeting the natural tendency of cats for cardboard and packaging of all kinds with our new cat-on ® products. Our own cats have tested many prototypes in the run and played extensively. Their enjoyment of the objects is our best quality control.

Environmental Protection

We are committed to the preservation of our environment. We use almost exclusively renewable raw materials. We use recycled corrugated cardboard which consists of 70% recycled waste paper. The only waste we produce is paper, which we dispose of in an environmental friendly manner recycling it again. We have joined the green dot, to make sure that all our packaging is returned to the dual recycling system. Please help keep the environment clean and protect nature for ourselves and for our children!