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custom cat scratcher | scratch boards | unique cat furniture | unique design for cats Customize and design your personal cat scratcher.
Customizing Need a special piece of design for your cat? Contact us for your personal stylish cat furniture!
Description Cat-on is setting a new trend for cats and lovers of stylish accessoires, cat scratchers, cat tress and sofas for cats.
Gallery Cat scratchers from cat-on are the new trend for cat and mankind! It is very simple to explain the success of our products: Cats just fall in love with our products.
La Banquette / Cat-on / eco-friendly / cat scratcher / griffoir
La Planche / Cat-on / cat furniture de luxe
La Vague / Cat-on / furniture for cats / cat scratcher / griffoir Looking for an effective, good looking activity center for your cats? Combine a a cat tree with a piece of furniture and you get a cat-on! Our cat products are all tested by cats!
Le Canapé / CAT-ON cat furniture de luxe, catscratchers
Le Maître / Cat-on / cat scratchers
Le Pain / Cat-on / scratch posts, cat-on cat scratchers
Le Rouleau / Cat-On / cat scratcher, cat furniture
Le Tronc / CAT-ON cat scratchers with style A cat-on cat scratcher inspire your cat's instincts immediatly. Cat-on changes your cat's life at first sight.
Le Tube senior/ Cat-on furniture for cats, design toys for cats
Le Tunnel / CAT-ON cat furniture, cat toys
Ligne S | cat-on design | cat scratcher for cats Elegant design and timeless lines define Ligne S, the unique cat scratcher from cat-on.
Lounger / CAT-ON cat scratchers
Online-Store Discover our new range of modern and unique cat scratchers in our cat boutique!
Rond Point / CAT-ON Griffoir, cat furniture, cat tree
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Vertige / CAT-ON cat scratcher / cat furniture Have you ever seen any more impressing cat furniture as the beautiful Vertige from cat-on?
Welcome Unique cat scratchers and cat tree alternatives - We manufacture beautiful cat furniture for the modern cat and cat lovers. Various beautiful patterns and colors are available.